In my last year at Digitas NY, I took on the challenge to jumpstart and lead their entire North American mobile practice. Intense research, reading, industry networking, partner alignment, and inter-agency adoption was my role and goal. It was a blast, but I'm more interested in creating ideas that can integrate all the digital and mobile tools we've got.

I guess you can say I'm a nerd-chick.

Intentionally, there's a lot of mobile in my portfolio. It's not because

I think it should be shoved into every idea or campaign, instead it shows my excitement for the potential of it's power in the work we do tomorrow. And I'm really pumped about having a role in it all.


The work below was pitched to Chevrolet to demonstrate the big picture thinking mobile can have on their business.

Chevy Sonic

Integrated Advertising Experience, Mobile


Michael and KIT. Sam and Optimus. Pepper and Iron Man. They were the bosom to their buddy with a few digital enhancements thrown in for fun. Now we can all have a superconnected co-pilot on the road of life. Introducing the all-new 2012 Chevy Sonic, a car that's as social as you are.








Here's a story of how a guy
and a Sonic became friends.



Mobile App


Who wouldn't want a friend with them when purchasing a car? The Wingman app is there for you with advice and car smarts as you navigate the lot. When you purchase the car, the app converts to an owners guide and sets up your Sonic's social profile and ties into Chevy's All Star maintenance program. From day one you and your car are on a journey we call Sonic Life.



Get to know Sonic in :08



Sonic is the only car in its class that goes from 0-60 in :08. During your test drive, use the Wingman app to learn about Sonic by bumping hot spots on the car. In return you'll get an :08 video explaining key features.



Scan a Sonic

Augmented Reality


It's your car's social profile in the physical world. Use the Wingman app to see who else is driving a Sonic—view the profile and pictures they choose to make public through Sonic Life.

Sonic Bumper Cars

Event Promotion


Bumper Cars is a social game that allows you to meet new people and collect car parts to build your own Sonic. Use the app to see what parts you need, find parts on the map, send messages to friends and bump to win.