The Dream Big Campaign

TV and Print


Comcast brings home the entertainment and tech you love. They keep dreaming big — more technology, more innovation — so you can keep laughing, playing, downloading and binging on your favorite stuff.


I was the Creative Director/Art Director on this campaign.

Shaq's Got Your Back



Trust Shaq, he's got your back when it comes to making the right decision on your cable and internet service provider.

Comcast on Sale



You never know when a good discount on cable and internet is going to pop up.

The "Best" and The "Smartest"

TV and Print


Staring Shaq as “The Best” performance that Comcast has to offer, and Ben Stein as “The Smartest” financial value. Together they give you the perfect deal - The Comcast Triple Play.


I worked on a series of promotional campaigns using these two celebrities acting as themselves in genere films from speghetti westerns to 70s cop shows to the academy awards.